Penryn Home For Sale

The charming small town of Penryn offers residents a rural, laid back environment. As of the 2010 census, the population stood at a mere 831 people. The town sits only 2.5 miles northeast of Loomis, 5.5 miles northeast of Rocklin and 6.5 miles south of Granite Bay.

If you're in the market for a small town home near Sacramento, Penryn should be a serious consideration. Learn more about this town below. 

Rich History

The town's history goes back to 1864, when a Welsh immigrant named Griffith Griffith established a granite quarry on a section of land leased by the Central Pacific Railroad. Griffith later named the quarry Penryn, a name derived from the Welsh word 'penrhyn', which translates to headland or promontory.

For the next several years, Penryn was nothing more than a quarry. The first sign of an emerging town came in 1869 when a large frame building was built. This building housed a railroad depot, shop, and saloon. Soon after, several business followed and the town of Penryn was born.

A Charming Town

Today, Penryn thrives as a neighborhood full of relatively upscale, single family homes. The community has a very rural atmosphere, with plenty of space, lots of trees, and only a small handful of businesses.

Residents often attribute its quiet environment and sparse developments as reasons why they love living here. Typical sights include tall trees, rugged roads, fruit groves, ponds, and properties lined with towering palm trees.

Schools & Commerce

As a small town, Penryn does not have many schools or commercial developments. The only two schools directly within the community are Penryn Elementary School and Penryn Oaks Pre School & Day. As far as businesses, the most well known is the Valencia Club, a charming nightclub with music and cocktails.

Though commerce and education is scarce within Penryn itself, larger towns with more services lie just a short drive away. These include Rocklin, Loomis, and Roseville. There, one can find all the necessary services, from schools, to restaurants, to hospitals, and everything else.

Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Penryn are a rare find, but worth the wait. Popular architectural styles include Victorian, cabin, ranchette, midcentury, modern, and more. They tend to be very spacious, brimming with unique amenities, and typically sit on enormous, multi-acre lots. 

Penryn properties boast many great features, some of which would be very difficult to find in more densely populated neighborhoods. Common ones include three or more bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, 3 car garages, high ceilings, wooden decks, hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens, and large master bedrooms.

Apart from these more common amenities, many homes include rare amenities that celebrate the rural lifestyle. They include things like humongous yards with custom landscaping, ponds alive with water lilies and koi fish, bird aviaries, chicken coops, fruit trees, and panoramic views of the Sierra Mountains.


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