Folsom Ranch Development Sketch

The story of Folsom Ranch goes back to 2004, when voters passed Measure W by a wide margin. Measure W granted the City of Folsom control of 3,500 acres south of Highway 50. The reason for its passage was straightforward- the city needed more space for its growing population.

With this measure, residents ensured the space would be developed in a way that served the community's best interests. Today, after many hearings and intense negotiation, a plan for development has finally been approved. It took thirteen years, but construction is underway!

An Ideal Place to Live & Work

Folsom Ranch will be the central community in this new part of the City of Folsom. Development was planned from the ground up with the goal of making it a perfect place to both live and work. Its 2,650 acres of land includes rolling hills, lush grasslands, gentle creeks, and vast tracts of heritage oaks.

Neighborhood features read like someone's wish list for a great place to settle down. For starters, more than 1,000 acres of land are permanently protected as open space. Consequently, residents need not worry of overcrowding and overdevelopment.

Notably, a significant portion of this protected land consists of pristine oak woodlands. Further adding to the area's natural beauty, Folsom Ranch is set to include 138 acres of public parks.

It will also have its own independent water supply, with no impact to surrounding communities. All this, in addition to beautiful homes, a bustling town center, quality jobs, new cutting edge schools, and other educational facilities. 

Planning For Lasting Prosperity

Since the final plan for developing Folsom Ranch was adopted in 2011, it has been praised from diverse groups for many  reasons.

The environmentally conscious love it for preserving natural assets in a land rich with wildlife. City and county officials are enthusiastic about a development that ensures economic growth with its business and education centers. Landowners are excited at the chance to finally develop an area ripe with potential.

Meanwhile, existing residents look forward to a worthy expansion of their beloved City of Folsom. It's a win win situation all around.

A Community For Its People

When Folsom City Council held a hearing to adopt a final development plan in June of 2011, over 20 speakers spoke in enthusiastic support of it. These included both stakeholders and current residents of Folsom.

Mike McKeever, chief executive officer of the Sacramento Area council of Governments, gave a particularly strong endorsement. He lauded the plan's devotion to environmentally friendly development, its myriad transportation options, and its balance of residential and commercial area. He further noted its adherence to SACOG Blueprint principles.

These are guiding standards for developing more livable and sustainable communities. Lastly, he praised the plan's overall attention to detail, and cited it as a shining example for future developments in the general region.

Bountiful Amenities

These are just a few of the highlights Folsom Ranch residents can look forward to:

Bustling Town Center
In the middle of Folsom Ranch will be a 'village core' with everything that makes small towns particularly appealing. This includes a civic center, a public library, recreation facilities, an aquatic center, high walkability, and easy transportation.

As a matter of fact, residents may never need their cars to get around town. All neighborhoods will enjoy direct transit in and out of the town center.

30% Open Space
Undoubtedly one of Folsom's Ranch most promising features is its vast open spaces, constituting 30% of the total area. Notably, this does not include land reserved for parks and other open spaces.

Varied Quality Housing
Currently, Folsom Ranch includes plans for 11,000 homes throughout the area. They'll include everything from expansive estates with remarkable views, to traditional homes based on Folsom's most admired neighborhoods. Moreover, residential developments will cater to people of various income levels.

Before development of Folsom Ranch is complete, the greater area will have its third public high school and third public middle school, not to mention five more elementary schools. All are state funded with general obligation funds, meaning zero cost to existing residents.

Independent Water Supply
During discussions of how to develop this area, water usage was a sticky issue. Thankfully, it resolved in the best way possible, where Folsom residents experience no impact to their existing water supply. Landowners will foot the entire bill for bringing water to the southern portion of Folsom.

Progressive Transportation
With planned projects such as a limited-access road along Highway 50 and rapid bus transit, residents need not worry about out of control traffic congestion. Additionally, they'll have the option of getting around without the need to drive.

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Your Folsom Local Experts

Folsom Ranch homes won't be available for some time to come, as development is in the beginning stages. However, interested homebuyers have a lot of appealing alternatives to choose from. These include Folsom neighborhoods like American River Canyon, Broadstone, and Briggs Ranch, and more.

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