Planning your vacation while saving to buy a home? It’s not impossible! Taking a vacation on a scaled-back budget is totally possible. Check out a few ideas on ways to save money when you travel:

1. Shop around for bargains 

The old concept of “supply and demand” is likely going to work in your favor during the vacation season. People are saving their money and not spending as much — and the hotels and resorts are feeling it.

You can find some killer deals on the internet, so take advantage of deals that involve things like free meals for kids. That tip alone can save you $100 or more over the course of a week! 

You can also sign up for weekly email alerts for airfare specials on websites like and If you can plan to be flexible on your travel dates, you may be able to score last-minute bargains and save additional money.

Another great site is You can often bid for lower prices at great hotels, car rental places, and more. It really works!

2. Enjoy a “staycation”

Save money on your vacation by staying at home. Take a break from normal responsibilities, but try exploring local parks, hiking trails, state parks, museums, zoos, and more. Many of these places offer an array of wonderful possibilities — and you can forget the travel costs! 

Not only will you save money on airfare, lodging, and food, but you will get to explore your very own backyard.

3. Bring along refillable water bottles 

Pack refillable water bottles in your suitcase to use once you arrive at your destination. A family of four can easily spend $20 or more per day on water alone! You can also eat more meals in your room by making a quick grocery store stop. Pick up some food items for snacks, breakfast, and lunch. This will save you money and give you a break from restaurant dining. 

Pro-tip: book hotels with small kitchens, mini-fridges, and microwaves. This will expand your ability to store and cook meals in your room.

4. Take advantage of coupons 

Spend a couple of weeks collecting coupons and you can easily save money while on vacation. Whether they’re for lodging, food, or attractions, coupons will save you money. You can find them online, in local newspapers, at grocery stores, etc. Just be sure to read the fine print carefully to make sure they don’t expire before your trip! 

5. Pack lightly and carefully 

All airlines have baggage limits and some carriers are charging fees if you check more than one suitcase per person. To avoid unnecessary fees, check the weather conditions at your destination ahead of time and pack according to the forecast. It may be tempting to pack several outfits per day, but it will take up unnecessary space. 

6. Consider getting a credit card that gives you travel points or miles 

United Airlines and Southwest both offer credit cards that reward you with miles based on your spending. Be sure to read the fine print and ask about associated fees. If you travel a lot, however, having a travel credit card can really pay off for you.