You may have heard the phrase that the three things that matter most in real estate are, “location, location, and location.” Nonetheless, some buyers end up purchasing a home in a location that’s not right for them, simply because they make their choice for all the wrong reasons.

They’re looking at a house in the wrong area or the wrong school district, but they buy it because they like the kitchen or the color of the paint.

Purchasing a home is usually the biggest financial decision a person makes. At the Pursuing Homes Real Estate Group, we look at the home buying process as a journey we take with our clients. During the journey, we listen to what our clients say is important to them in the homes we tour. We make note of those things to help us refine our clients’ search objectives.

We understand a home purchase is a process that unfolds. What may have been important to a buyer at first becomes less important as they begin to see the options available to them from one home to the next.