If you or someone you know has been displaced by the Camp Fire in Butte County, our hearts go out to you. As members of a community not far from the devastation, we hope to help those still suffering in any way we can.

As the weeks go on since the containment of the fire, let us not forget the people still in need of resources and services. Whether you have personally been impacted by the fire, or are just looking for ways to help the relief efforts, check out the following resources:  

Resources for Victims

It will be our priority to assist anyone who contacts us due to the home displacement from this tragedy. We want to make looking for a new home under these circumstances as seamless as possible for you. 

Free Temporary Housing

Airbnb created a service that provides free temporary housing to fire victims. If you are in need of this service, find housing here

Home Search Advice 

Call (916) 517-2453 for advice or assistance in finding a home due to these circumstances. We will do all that we can to help you in this home search process. 

Available Homes 

The closest areas to Butte County in our region are Loomis, Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville.


Resources to Assist Victims 

We urge everyone in our community to keep these victims' needs in mind, and do your part to help support the restoration efforts. 


Monetary donations are reportedly the greatest need at this time. Please consider filling this need with one of the following organizations:


If you are able to make a trip to Butte County, please consider helping with the ongoing cleanup efforts. You can sign up with either of these organizations:

Temporary Housing

If you are able to voluntarily provide your home to fire evacuees for free, sign up as a host home here

Our hope is that these resources will help everyone come together and support the ongoing relief efforts for the Camp Fire. It's never too late to do your part!