If you are considering a New Construction or New Build home and wish to visit the models, you could lose your right to have an outside Realtor help you if you visit the community or model without representation on the first visit. Know that you may have to use the Realtor at the new builds sales office who is actually representing the seller/builder. If you have your own realtor represent you, we will be there to take care of your wants and needs.
With open houses, it’s a little different. Although you can visit the home without your Realtor, the agent still represents the seller and has only the seller’s interest in mind. Ideally, letting your Realtor know you are going to do some open house “shopping” before you go would be the best thing.

Then they can provide you their cards to hand the agents when you walk in, or better yet, go with you! However, if you see one you MUST see last minute, just be sure to advise the agent on site that you have a buyer’s agent as soon as you walk in. 

In these two situations, your best interest is to have personal representation. The seller’s agent cannot possibly provide you 100% of the assistance you deserve, as they are also working for the seller.

We have found many clients think they will get a better dealing going directly to the listing agent, but this is not the case. Either way, a commission will be charged, so you might as well have someone fully representing you. Make sense?

Simply let me know ahead of time when you wish to visit new construction or open houses so I can help you the best I can. Then you never lose an opportunity to have incredible buyer representation! My goal is always to get you’re the best price, the best advice, and best guidance through the whole home purchase process.